Come and Get It

Come and Get It, a 1937 film on TCM , directed by Howard Hawks (fired mid-way through the film by Sam Goldwyn) and William Wyler, is a classic story of a man who walks away from the girl he loves to follow a fierce ambition to acquire power and money only to realize late in life, when he’s declared “old”, that one cannot redo the past to capture in the present a lost love.  This film, in our opinion, deserves a Good for An Afternoon rating; however, for Frances Farmer fans (she plays two roles in the film quite beautifully) we would concede to a rating of Worth the Search.  Also, notable in the film is the role played by a young Walter Brennan, who was the first actor to receive an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in that category.  Finally, hold on for the last thirty seconds of the film to learn why it is so titled; not at all apparent throughout the movie.

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