Our Ratings

Here is the “Rating System” —- five categories and two ratings that fall outside the main categories.  Our motto is: ” Not every movie is an Epic but you may love it anyway — if not try another.”   In the old world, we just loved going to the theater, but in this new world we are always on the hunt for some undiscovered (or rediscovered) gem on Netflix, Amazon, TCM, Peacock or any other in-home option.  

👍👍 Top Rating/Worth the Price. Top drawer, even if you need to pay to rent.

😄 Worth the Search. Not rental material but so good that it’s worth your time to find it and enjoy it on any streaming service or television channel.

🙂 Grab It If It’s Leaving. Perhaps not the best, but good enough to see before it vanishes from public viewing for now.

🤏 Good for An Afternoon. Not good enough for your “dinner and a movie” at-home date, but light enjoyment as you go about your day.

👎 Not at all.  Don’t bother, no matter what you’ve heard.

 Now for the “guilty pleasure” categories. These are for movies you may not want to admit in certain circles you enjoyed as much as you did. 

Top In Genre: The movie elitist may not be able to accept a movie simply based on the “type”. But a “reel” person recognizes that if you know what you are in for (RomCom, SYFY, Western, Thriller, “Shoot ‘em Up”, etc.) then you enjoy the movie for what it is — no pretensions. If you like that type of film this is a good one.

 Who Knew?:  The movie you stumbled on while scrolling. Never heard of it, or heard that it was not worth your time, but decided to check it out, and — who knew?— you enjoyed it.

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