About Us

We are active and interested movie-goers who love just about every kind of film.  Our focus is on providing bite size reviews for other movie lovers who are looking for that lost treasure they didn’t know they needed, and “reel reviews” of current offerings.  In the first iteration of our blog, Bill, our creative idea man, developed a user-friendly rating system that worked in the “reel world” of people who go to the movies just because they love ’em (and we all know that the Professional Reviewers for the media don’t always get it right).  In this new world, we have needed to adjust both our ratings, and the venue at which we can enjoy movies.  No worries though — there are many from which to choose, so we review movies offered on Netflix, Amazon Prime, TCM, Peacock and any other streaming site.  Check out our Ratings page to see our substitute for numeric or stars ratings. Remember,  “Not every movie is an Epic but you may love it anyway — if not try again with another one”.

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