X-Men: First Class

MR4RP (Bill and Pat) : This is the clear cut winner of the three summer movies we have seen thus far. It gets “Top In Genre”. We were not huge fans of the X-Men series but did see all of the movies. So, it was a nice surprise for the prequel to be this good. We liked the characters as humans before we knew them as mutants. The story did a nice job of establishing the emergence of the mutants and the theme of human/mutant conflict of the first movies. Yet , you could see only this movie and be perfectly happy. It’s an adventure that doesn’t get preachy or take itself to seriously. There are sly allusions to the future or in this case, past movies. This is one of the best “comic book” movies we have seen.

One thought on “X-Men: First Class

  1. This was the second in our “twofer” and we loved it. Glad we saw the X Men movies, so all of the “prequel” could be looked at in a context — but what was the point of Hugh Jackman in the middle of the movie? A thoroughly enjoyable movie — we agree with your review wholeheartedly.

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