Kung Fu Panda 2

MR4RP (Jerry and Mary):   The grandchildren all saw this, and didn’t take us.  So, of course, we had to see it on our own, which we did with pleasure.  The theater was filled with families (odd, this was an early afternoon showing), so we had a living barometer of the “goodness” of the movie for the younger set.   Their vote — near silence except when Po was heroic, so they could cheer.  We believe that silence indicated intense interest, as the younger set were mostly the 4 – 8 year set.   The story is definitely heart warming, the voices are great (again), and the animation is simply amazing (can an animated film get a “best special effects” award?)   However, all of that said, the movie seemed a bit long in spots even though it is only a bit over 90 minutes.   So, not Top in Genre, but, if you liked the first one, you have to like this one — and, since the end clearly set sequel expectations, we give it a Can’t Wait for the the Sequel.

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