MR4RP (Bill and Pat) : Larry Crowne

Here is another movie where we don’t agree with a lot of the “professional” analysis. We give it the “Not Quite But Almost …” rating. Perhaps our reaction is age related because we did not find this to be bland or because there wasn’t sex involved means Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts had no chemistry. It was a low key look at people in transition. Tom Hanks is just plain likeable . It wasn’t a spine- tingling -edge- of -your seats- did -you- see -that-laugh-out -loud kind of experience. But we did just sit back and smile a lot.

MR4RP (Bill and Pat) : Transformers : Dark of The Moon

We saw this one because we’d seen the first wo and if they make a fourth we will see it for the same reason. But we rate it as “Home DVD”. Action packed, mostly, because it got off to a slow start. The special effects are just as good as the first two. So, technically a great show. It just didn’t grab us. Perhaps three is enough. This would be great for a day when you want a movie to relax with and pass a pleasant evening.

MR4RP (Bill and Pat): Green Lantern

Yeah, this has gotten tepid to poor reaction but we give it “Top In Genre”. This movie is precisely why we say a “reel” person recognizes if you know what you are in for then you enjoy the movie for what it is —- in this case a comic book brought to the screen. There are plenty of good guys, bad guys and an epic battle. How can you possibly do that without being a little corny? We are looking forward to the sequel.

MR4RP (Bill and Pat) : Super 8

This gets the “Not Quite But Almost …. ” rating. We thought the kids were “Stand By Me” quality but come on, get a new alien. This one goes back to the “Alien” movies and we just rolled our eyes. It really detracts from the movie. Otherwise, it was an enjoyable afternoon with smart attractive kids and a slam bang adventure.

MR4RP (Bill and Pat) : Friends With Benefits

What a pleasant surprise. We thought we were in for a by-the-book RomCom that would go for the easy laughs. It isn’t an original idea but this movie was fun, refreshing and entertaining. There were three of us today and it gets three “Go At Full Price”. We are as surprised as you are but this movie has enough heart to make it more than its parts. Yes, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are beautiful people but they also had great chemistry and some right on observastions.The movie was not just a running joke about “benefits”. We especially loved the supporting cast —- Richard Jenkins, Woody Harleson, Jenna Elfman and Patricia Clarkson— who were funny, outrageous, insighful and just plain good. Go and see it.