Auto Week at The Movies: Transformers and Cars 2

MR4RP (Jerry and Mary): If Fast Five had been released last week there really would have been a car movie for every age demographic! As it was, we saw lots of “crossover” ages at both Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon and Cars 2. Saw Cars 2 first – and give it See First Run at Reduced Rate (not every one is an epic). Tow Mater’s starring role and Finn McMissile sold it for us. Sure test – quiet youngsters all around us. As for Transformers – better than the second one, not as much heart as the first, and about 30 minutes too long. It seems that urge to keep every second of the truly superb transformation special effects “in” overcame good editing to enhance the story and characters. However, good fun even if too long – we give it See at Matinee or Senior Rate After You’ve Seen Other 1st Runs. One more note – this movie is at the top of the computer animation genre if looking just at the technical excellence.

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