Best in Show

In one of the many interviews after Schitt’s Creek ended (which we of course caught as we are missing the Rose family and friends), Eugene Levy mentioned that he first worked with Catherine O’Hara in “Best in Show.”  Well, naturally, that meant that we had to find and see the 2000 “mocumentary” and we’re so glad we did.  Short summary:  the movie follows five show dog owners and handlers as they prepare for, compete in, and live their lives after the big Mayflower (should we think “Westminster”?) Dog Show.  Levy and O’Hara are the Flecks, owners of Winky a Norwich terrier.  Other owners or handlers include Christopher Guest (who co-wrote this with Levy), Parker Posey, John Michael Higgins (of Pitch Perfect fame among other films), Jane Lynch as a winning handler and so many others including actual championship dogs.  Fred Willard is the color commentator at the show.   So many shenanigans and so many sendups of stereotypical “show dog people”.   No spoilers for who wins!  The characters are hysterical and the back stories view like a series of over-the-top soap operas.  As we were watching, we were interested in the freshness of the dialogue, and found that most of the film was improvised.   Well, of course!  Fred Willard is especially hilarious (and stole the show – pun definitely intended), and the others are not far behind.  While other dog lovers may or may not enjoy this movie, we certainly did.  The dogs, by the way, were just beautiful, and the humor in the movie focused almost exclusively on the owners.  For light entertainment and a fascinating example of terrific improvisational comedy, this movie is Worth the Search.

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