All of Me

This 1984 fantasy comedy film was directed by that master of comedy, Carl Reiner. Right after he passed in June, TCM featured several of his films in their July line-up.  If you missed it, All of Me is available to rent/stream from Prime Video. It stars Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. The principal reason to watch this film is to see Steve Martin at his comedic best (early career days when he did Charlie Chaplin-like stunts; his body language is utterly amazing as he conveys two totally different people).  The film’s plot is this:  Roger Cobb (an attorney played by Martin) is summoned to help eccentric millionairess Edwina Cutwater (Tomlin) make some unusual final changes to her will. Edwina, who has been bed-ridden since childhood, enlists the help of a mystic who specializing in transferring human souls. Edwina has made a deal with Terry Hoskins (played by Victoria Tennant) to be her soul beneficiary so she, Edwina, can experience youth and health!  The transfer goes wrong, and Edwina’s soul ends up in Roger’s body (thus, the two completely different roles Martin has to execute which he does beautifully) and it is at that point that the film becomes absolutely hysterical. Ultimately, souls get sorted out and Edwina’s ends up in the right body (Terry’s) and, of course, Roger ends up with Terry (aka Edwina)!  This is a happy film and, if you are a Steve Martin fan and have not seen it, it is worth the time to watch.  We give it a Worth the Search rating.

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