The Thomas Crown Affair

This 1968 crime drama stars Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway, and Paul Burke.  Because McQueen is one of the featured stars of TCM’s Summer Under the Stars (August playbill), we were tempted to watch this film again (free if you get the TCM channel) as it’s been several years since we last did so.  This film does not have the same level of intensity and action as Bullit (another McQueen classic); however, it does have a rather elaborately planned and executed bank heist and some of the sexiest scenes (between McQueen and Dunaway) found in ‘60s films.  In a nutshell, the storyline is this:  Thomas Crown (played by McQueen), is a self-made millionaire who masterminds a Boston bank heist which Detective Eddy Malone (Paul Burke) can’t solve and, thus, must agree to the insurance company sending in its own investigator, Vicky Anderson (Faye Dunaway) to figure out “who done it”!  Vicky does figure it out, but not before falling in love with Crown – tough choice at the end: does she turn him in or go off with him?  It is a dramatic ending!  See it to find out.  If you have access to the Watch TCM app (through your cable provider on IOS or Android), we’d give this film a Grab It If It’s Leaving rating; if not, it falls to the Good for an Afternoon level.  PS:  Remade in 1999, The Thomas Crown Affair, staring Pierce Bronsnan and Rene Russo involves a totally different heist and, in our opinion, is more exciting; see both to make your own judgment.

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