The Aeronauts

We avoided seeing this last year (2019) after it was released to theaters but decided to give it a go when we saw it offered on Amazon Prime.  The story revolves around two “aeronauts” (high altitude balloonists) in the mid-nineteenth century aspiring to reach a record altitude (spoiler alert – they did). Eddie Redmayne (as James Glaisher, an historic pioneer in meteorology) and Felicity Jones (as Amelia Wren who is entirely fictional) are well cast, as Eddie/James does indeed characterize a weather/altitude “nerd” while Felicity/Amelia is the personification of intrepid heroine (as we see at the start of the movie with thrilling stunts).   The cinematography is beautiful – sweeping landscapes from high above the earth, swirling skyscapes and truly believable stunts so well filmed that one actually feels the peril.  This, along with great make up (you feel the cold when you see Eddie supposedly freezing), make for a diverting couple of hours.  So, Grab It If It’s Leaving, but don’t search it out if it’s gone (unless of course, you’re a balloonist or a huge Eddie Redmayne fan).

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