The Phantom

Billy Zane (Who?  That guy that was Biff’s friend?) stars as Kit (aka the Phantom) in this 1996 super hero flick available on Amazon.  The premise is good – the Phantom is the latest descendant of the original Phantom and heads to the US from Africa to foil a criminal mastermind from assembling a group of legendary skulls that will give him the power to take over the world (a pretty familiar super hero theme).  That said, this is a strong entry in the genre and it’s nice to see a pre-Zorro Catherine Zeta-Jones as a terrific badass pirate, a glimpse of Patrick McGoohan as Kit’s dad, a very young John Tenney and Treat Williams as the bad guy.  If you’re in the mood for some derring-do, this might be an option — we give it Top of Genre because you get exactly what you expect.

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