This 2019 British biopic stars Rosamund Pike as Madam Curie who, in our opinion, is the reason to view this disjointed film.  Also notable is Sam Riley’s performance as Pierre Curie, Marie’s husband.  The brilliance of Madam Curie’s scientific mind is awesome and well portrayed by Pike throughout most of the film.    The film follows the story of Curie, her life and discoveries while also flashing forward at odd times throughout the movie to the impact of radium and polonium on our world. These juxtapositions are interesting only for those who may not already know the impact of radium on health care and weaponry, but did not add depth or meaning to the story. Originally scheduled for an April, 2020 wide release in theaters by Amazon Studios (who acquired the distribution rights), the film was held back because of Covid-19. It dropped on Prime Video on July 24th.  We give it a Grab It If It’s Leaving rating (although not likely anytime soon because of the limited number of new feature films in our current Covid state of film releases).

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