Mrs. Pollifax Spy

As a fan of the Dorothy Gilman series, I felt compelled to select this 1971 movie on Amazon as a “must see”.  Rosalind Russell both co-wrote (with her husband) and stars in the film as Mrs. Pollifax.   The supporting cast can’t be beat — Darren McGavin, Nehemiah Persoff, Harold Gould.   For those who have never “met” Mrs Pollifax, she’s an adventurous middle aged lady who volunteers for spy missions with the CIA (yes, the premise strains credulity, but the story carries it off). Her mission is a light espionage romp, and doesn’t require either foreknowledge of Mrs. Pollifax or a great deal of cerebral concentration.   However, if you love either Mrs. Pollifax novels or Rosalind Russell (this was her last film), this warrants Good for an Afternoon. This movie could have created a franchise, but sadly it appears there may not have been a market for movies about female spies of a certain age.

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