Hitchcock on Peacock

We have been huge Hitchcock fans for years, and it was nice to see (at least temporarily) a small selection of his films on Peacock when the service launched. The category almost immediately became “Hitchcock and Horror” (not necessarily an intuitive pairing), we nonetheless found two of his (much) lesser known films. “Frenzy” (1972 and the critics loved it) and “The Trouble with Harry” (1955 and again, the critics loved it) couldn’t be more different, but we wanted to give the category a rating at the onset. Neither of these really rate more than Grab It If It’s Leaving but for Hitchcock fans, they provide a glimpse into the diversity of his films — amusing throughout (“Harry” in which the aforementioned is actually the McGuffin) and suspenseful (“Frenzy” in which you’re not entirely sure you should rooting for the good guy, but you really want the bad guy to get his). All in all, an ok double feature if you aren’t looking for a film classic.

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