Aunt Mary

We stumbled across this 1979 TV movie on Amazon Prime as we were looking for a baseball-themed movie that we hadn’t seen. Although a Hallmark movie, we weren’t deterred. While many might rate this as Who Knew, or simply Good for an Afternoon, we say it’s Worth the Search. Jean Stapleton is wonderful as Mary Dobkin in 1940’s Baltimore. Mary spent most of her early life in hospitals, and listening to the Orioles from her hospital bed really inspired her love of baseball. Mary was an amputee on crutches or in a wheelchair for the rest of her life and so was eligible for public housing Her neighborhood had its share of problems, and Mary’s love of baseball was truly “right place, right time”. This true story has heart, kids learning about baseball (and what it means to be valued) and enough nostalgia to give hope to even the most cynical.

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