MR4RP (Jerry and Mary):   Well,  all of “our” teams are out of the playoffs, but baseball is still “top of sports genre” in our house.   While many reviewers have said that Moneyball isn’t “just” about baseball, we say it certainly is about the business and strategy (Mary can’t believe we’re saying this) of baseball.    Once you get past Brad Pitt as Brad Pitt and see him as Billy Beane the movie really takes off.   We were surprised that the theater had a pretty equal mix of genders and ages — and even non-baseball fans can’t help but cheer for the A’s in their big season.   For fans (we have one in our house), we say “Not Every One is an Epic” but see it the first weekend — maybe even at full price.   For non-fans, it’s more like “See when you’ve seen everything else, and see at reduced rate”.   Whichever way your house leans, it’s a good story about the boys of summer!

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