The Smurfs

MR4RP (Jerry and Mary):   Based on the reviews from the “under 10 year” crowd, and the “saw it when we were 10” viewers, we need to go with Top of Genre for this one.   Despite the so-so (or terrible) reviews, who could not like the cute little Smurfs, and cheer for them again the dastardly (and so silly) Gargamel?   The human actors did a great job of playing off the Smurfs that they couldn’t see during filming — the discussion Neil Patrick Harris and Papa Smurf had on the joys and challenges of fatherhood in their scene together was seamless.   Film was just long enough for all of us to go back to those blue days of yesteryear and sing along with the (ok, it can get a bit annoying) Smurf song — la la lalalala la — sing a happy song!

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