Captain America

MR4RP (Jerry and Mary):   This was the second of our Saturday double feature and what a great feature it was!   We rated it “See At Full Price” because the genre or sequel ratings didn’t do it justice.   We’re still wondering how they started with a 90 pound weakling Chris Evans and created a super hero Chris Evans.   Tommy Lee Jones did his schtick well as the curmudgeon officer and the relationships throughout resonated as real.  Certainly the best of Super Hero movies this year — we thought it was as good as the first Iron Man and really do look forward to the sequel (which, in a way, is the Big Sequel to all the Marvel super hero movies since it will include Iron Man and Nick Fury, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk — who could ask for more?).   Gotta see it before next summer if you miss it first run, so you’re ready for The Avengers. (And be sure you see the last 2 minutes!)

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