MR4RP (Bill and Pat) : Larry Crowne

Here is another movie where we don’t agree with a lot of the “professional” analysis. We give it the “Not Quite But Almost …” rating. Perhaps our reaction is age related because we did not find this to be bland or because there wasn’t sex involved means Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts had no chemistry. It was a low key look at people in transition. Tom Hanks is just plain likeable . It wasn’t a spine- tingling -edge- of -your seats- did -you- see -that-laugh-out -loud kind of experience. But we did just sit back and smile a lot.

One thought on “MR4RP (Bill and Pat) : Larry Crowne

  1. And this is why we should never be swayed by the reviewers (or, for that matter, the viewers as defined by Flixster). Thanks for the review — we didn’t go and now we will try to see it before it vanishes to dvd-land.

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