Water For Elephants

MR4RP (Bill and Pat) : We reached a consensus rating but it was a bit more complicated because one of us (Bill) read the book the week before we saw the movie. It was hard to let go of the feeling several actors came from the pages of the book while with others you just did not see them in the role. And, while the movie really was pretty faithful to the book there was a lot of rich detail on circus life and a key character that did not make it into the movie. When we got down to the movie on its own merits our rating is “Not Quite But Almost” . See it at the reduced rate but go see it. The star of the circus (Rosie) is magnificent and the circus life is very true to the book. The movie provides a real sense of the Depression era desperation and the shady if not evil side of the perceived pinnacle of wholesome family entertainment — the circus. We liked the cast even though Robert Pattinson is miscast which isn’t his fault.

3 thoughts on “Water For Elephants

  1. So well said. We missed Al, and thought poor Robert was sadly miscast. Rosie took the show! We would see this again just for her.

    • Rosie was great. So much so I’d love to spend a day up close and personal with an elephant. And how about those black/white horse teams?

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