MR4RP (Bill and Pat) : We give this one the “Top In Genre” rating. A two hour Rom Com is not the norm but then there are two story lines —- the wedding and the romance. Some of the humor was straight out of “The Hangover” but we liked these characters. So, it wasn’t entirely original but we enjoyed our afternoon at the theatre. There can be a fine line between a boring seires of one liners and gross gags masquerading as a movie and an ensemble comedy that comes together as a show. Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy do a fine job with the cliches of brides and bridesmaids and the “you can see it coming” romance . They are sharp and engaging. The gross gags and witty dialogue you never hear in real life were new to the chick flick genre but we chuckled, laughed or winced anyway. We may all have to re-think chick flick.

3 thoughts on “Bridesmaids

  1. How could this miss with such a great cast?! Top on our list to see when we get back to home base. Thanks for the review — keeps us focused on our priorities. (-:

    • We were surprised when we realized it was a two hour show , so a little editing would have been in order. But do see it. The cast members have enough good moments to compensate for the ” yeah, OK move on” moments.

  2. We thoroughly enjoyed this one — the “yuck” moments may have been a bit too long for us, but the laugh/sigh/cry opportunities far out-weighed the “oh, get on with it”.

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