African Cats

MR4RP (Bill and Pat) ; A documentary nature film that is done beautifully . It tells a story with two main “characters” that has a begining, middle and end. The lioness and cheetah are given human names and the story of their families is told with human emotion and motivation. There are good guys, bad guys and danger everywhere. It made for drama, excitment and even the “aren’t they cute animal antics”. In short, entertainment . You find yourself caring about the two families and rooting for the “good guys”. Then there was a moment after the show as we talked about it where we found the humanizing of wild animals, especially explaing their actions through human values or emotions, to be to neat and Disney-like. We got over that and give it the “Not Quite But Almost” rating. You have to like this type of film going in and if you do this one is fantastic on the big screen. Marlon Perkins should have been so good.

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